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A freebie for you to join this forum as a member

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:24 am

Here is a freebie for you to encourage you to join this forum as a member.

This little tidbit of information was compiled over years of personal eBay research and is not given out freely. I consider it a trade secret.

Below is pricing info. for the Combaticon Swindle with the dates of sale on eBay. I've made my best effort to verify the transactions and to weed out inaccurate values caused by flakers.

MOSC2 = Mint on sealed card, tab hole punched
MIB10 = Mint in boxed toy, opened, complete, all paperwork & inserts with unapplied stickers
MISB2 = Mint in sealed box, with flap crease
MISB = Mint in sealed box, no flap crease
JP = Japanese

MOSC2 Swindle ($31.01, 9/27/03)
MOSC2 Swindle w/ iron-on ($52.01, 3/29/01)
MOSC2 Swindle ($197.50, 8/8/16)
AFA75 Swindle ($330-$335.39, 8/14/16)
MIB10 JP Swindle ($22.87, 9/6/00)
MISB2 JP Swindle ($31.50!, 10/4/00)
MISB JP Swindle ($50, 7/9/09)

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